The Importance of Listening to Your Body & Inner Voice

I am currently out of town staying with my 88 year young grandmother. I will have limited internet access for the next week. We came up for a visit to bring my 3 year old grand daughter up to meet my granny. Multiple factors had prevented it until now. Something said you have to go see granny this weekend. Don’t take no for an answer. You have to go!

Apparently, my grandmother went for her semiannual checkup and mentioned feeling light headed especial in the morning. Her physician assessed her and sent her for an ultrasound on Monday. Tuesday they sent her for a CT scan with and with out contrast. We arrived Wednesday evening and had a nice visit. Thursday morning we came back over and were chatting. The phone rang. I hear granny saying, “Hold on my granddaughter’s a RN I’ll let you talk to her.” I put on my best poker face and gathered my nerves! My never been sick or in the hospital grandmother has an 80% blockage in one of the arteries in her neck that supplies her brain. We see the surgeon tomorrow morning at 0900! I’m totally freaking out! I’m supposed to go home tomorrow! What am I going to do? What if my granny strokes tonight and never wakes up? Ahhhhh!!!!!! Sheer terror and panic on the inside. Beth the RN is cool as a cucumber on the outside. My granny says, “when will they do surgery?” I tell her, “Monday! That soon? Yes! You are only getting 20% of blood flow through that side of your head!” I then told her I would not be leaving her until she had her surgery and had recuperated.

My grandmother is a remarkable woman. She worked at the armory during WWII. She had an associates degree in home economics. She is 88, still manages all her finances, lives alone, and drives herself to all her appointments. My granny takes no prescription medications and has only been in the hospital 3 times in her life: 1. When she was born. 2. When my father was born. 3. When she had an outpatient procedure and then she was only there until 1 pm!

My grandmother listened to her body and knew something was off. I had a feeling that I had to come see my granny. Now I know God was working to get me here and has been for many years. I met the surgeon to whom my grandmother was referred in 2010 while I was working in Northern California. He came to participate in a course at a hospital where I worked. All of the times God lead me to work in different places around the US it was for me to meet or learn a lesson. All of this was to lead me to this place and time to be here for my grandmother just as I was for my mother when she had her heart attack this past Christmas.

The moral of this story is trust your gut, inner voice, and listen to your body. Only you know when something isn’t right.


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