CDC study finds half of US adults have chronic condition

I was flabbergasted when I read this headline earlier today. I don’t know why considering I have been a nurse nearly eighteen years. I wonder if we just know too much or have we managed to live long enough for things to go wrong? We have reached a milestone in evolution where we live into advanced age. Years beyond what our great great grandparents expected. Of course for some that was not the case. My Papa Lynch was born in 1866 and lived to be 99. He was my great great grandfather. My great grandpa Ira, his son, was born in 1898 and passed at age 93. My granny is 88 and has no sign of slowing down yet. For them to live to be that old post Civil War was unusual. My great grandmother lived to be 97. I was very fortunate to grow up knowing them.

Half of US Adults Have Chronic Disease


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