Why the ACA & Medicaid Expansion Are important

According to an article in The Incidental Economist, there is a positive effect between Medicaid and educational attainment. This is because parents and children have access to prenatal care, preventative medicine, and families do not go into debt over medical bills. Though this has not been studied in depth and the effect is statistically very small. The study shows children who have healthcare access before age ten are less likely to drop out of high school and college enrollment increased. Again, these numbers are in the low single digit percentages, but it is hopeful. As a child, my parents were both college educated, teachers, and poorer than church mice. My dad had severe allergies and asthma, and I inherited it along with his curly hair. We never had health insurance as kids. You could see the fear in my mom’s face when we got sick or injured enough to need a trip to the ER. She had no idea how to pay for it. Of course, my parents qualified for nothing because they had Bachelor degrees and were teachers, but lets face it, teachers are paid no where near the amount they should. In the 70’s & 80’s it was even worse.

The Effect of Medicaid on Educational Attainment


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