Iron supplements, anemia, and heavy menses

I saw the link to this article in Women’s Health on twitter. This article is definitely worth a read and something to discuss with your physician or the physician of your teenage daughter. I know we are often uncomfortable discussing our female problems but we shouldn’t be. My daughter is only 14 and has such heavy periods she misses at least one school day per period. It was so bad this term, I took her to our FNP to discuss possible hormone treatment. She did order tests to make sure she wasn’t anemic or had an electrolyte imbalance. My daughter has bad PMS and cramps also. I did at her age but mine improved after having children. However, I have been on an oral contraceptive to help with PMDD for years. My mom and aunt had hysterectomies in their thirties due to heavy irregular menses and endometriosis. I want to spare my daughter any unnecessary pain or complications. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Iron Supplementation, Anemia, and Heavy Menses


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