Growing Healthy Bones in Children

I saw this on twitter and found it very interesting. In a world of obesity, we still suffer from malnutrition! My grand mother grew up and survived the depression and WWII. Times were hard and there was rationing during the war. So it’s fair to assume that some malnutrition occurred during her life that has led to her osteoporosis. Why is this happening to today’s kids? Too much junk food, sodas, lack of physical activity, vitamin D deficiencies because they are glued to a tv or video game. Even though I lost my husband to melanoma, our generation played outside, all day, everyday. We were pretty much kicked out of the house in the morning and expected back by supper or before dark. We would bicycle, climb trees, chase frogs, skateboard, and do all kinds of weight bearing and cardio activities. Lunch was often a pb&j sandwich or hot dog and cool aid. If we were thirsty, the water hose was in the front flower bed. We hardly ever spent a day of summer vacation indoors. I spent more of my time in a tree than on the ground. I have never broken a bone except for toes. This is because of proper nutrition, vitamin D, and being active as a child. Now I have to work to ensure they don’t demineralize. -BV

Kids & Their Bones: A Guide For Parents


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