Parasitic Infections in the United States?

Neglected Parasitic Infections in the United States

When I first saw this link on twitter, I thought okay, someone brought something back from a trip. Apparently, I am very wrong. As the school year is now coming to a close, we begin traveling, and we start our summer barbecue’s, I thought I would share this information. There are several parasites we can fall pray to here in the states and are not seeking any treatment. I’m sure this is due to lack of education and the fact that we think that living in a first world country protects us from such things. We know that cryptosporidium, cyclospora, and toxoplasmosis can be issues for certain populations but some of the parasites on this list affect even the healthiest person.


2 thoughts on “Parasitic Infections in the United States?

  1. There are dangers in the world and risks with eating raw foods – I enjoy foods like sashimi. They can be risky due to food-illness causing pathogens. I read about them on various websites. Farm raised fish are less-likely to have illness causing pathogens/worms.

    Here is a neat photo: eye heart sashimi 🙂

    nice post!

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