Warning Signs & Alternative Teen Peer Groups

Since the shooting in Isla Vista, CA there has been a lot of chatter everywhere in every form of media. The shooter had issues long before his murderous rampage and he most likely exhibited signs. Only his parents and his treating physicians know what those were. He was no longer a child.

I am including a link with this post. I do want to state that I hate labeling anyone. Normal is a perception that is often incorrect or skewed. Why is there so much pressure to be “normal”? Who defines normal? What is normal? I have taught my children to follow their conscience and think for themselves, to be individuals and not sheep. I make time to talk with my children and I pay attention to changes in their grades, behavior, styles of music and dressing. I do this because no one noticed mine. -BV

Alternative Teens are 7 Times More Likely to Attempt Suicide


One thought on “Warning Signs & Alternative Teen Peer Groups

  1. I agree about the doubtfulness of a “diagnosable” normal. Labels can be useful – we have some in our family. But I never let my kids see them as defining, or as excuses. Diagnosis by nature measures the negatives, and I’ve made sure my kids understand it’s a thing psychiatrists and psychologists do for a particular purpose; it’s a tool for understanding but it’s a fraction of the picture.

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