Mental Health

Lately mental health has become a buzzword but I hope it will be taken seriously. We have a major mental health crisis in this country, if not the world. The shooting rampage this weekend in Santa Barbara is another instance of someone who had fallen through those proverbial cracks. A crushing blow to parents who tried to get help for their child but could do little or nothing once he reached adulthood. Unfortunately, just like the shooter in Colorado he falls into that age bracket in which schizophrenia is likely to manifest. I don’t know the particulars of either case but judging from the 141 page manifesto of the Santa Barbara shooter and the booby traps left by the Colorado theater shooter, it’s safe to say they are mentally ill.

When You Need Help


2 thoughts on “Mental Health

    • Thank you! When I started my blog, I thought what is something that I would need as a new nurse or family member trying to navigate the world of healthcare. I have always told my patients to approach their healthcare pointedly as if buying a car or house. The difference is your life depends on the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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