Why does your arm hurt during a heart attack?

Great info on signs and atypical symptoms of a heart attack. Women and Diabetics often do not have the same if any symptoms of a MI.

Heart Sisters

by Carolyn Thomas  @HeartSisters

Cath Haywood recalls the day in 2006 when she felt a bit “under the weather”. She told her family that her arm ached. At first, she attributed the arm pain to over-enthusiastic ball throwing – she had beentossing lobs to her springer spaniel earlier that day. But on the following evening, the 49-year old former Welsh police officer again experienced what she describes as “a dreadful ache in my right arm”. She remembers thinking:

“I’ve really got to lay off throwing that ball!”

As the arm pain got worse, Cath brushed aside pleas from her husband and two sons to call an ambulance, and she went to bed. After all, as she told herself, she was fit, relatively young, had just lost 28 pounds, did not smoke, and drank only occasionally. So why bother the ambulance crew? 

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4 thoughts on “Why does your arm hurt during a heart attack?

    • My mom is diabetic and has never had typical chest pain symptoms. I’m a Cathlab RN and found your piece very informative so I had to share it. Thank you for writing it! You’ve saved lives!

      • jayne latter says:

        Hi I was on a flight back to the uk when I 1st had this awful pain in my left arm to the point it brought tears in my eyes going to visit my doctor today got no other pain at all anywhere else thanks

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